SOAR Integral Field Unit Spectrograph

The University of São Paulo, together with Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica is building an IFU  Bench Spectrograph for the SOAR Telescope. The instrument will specialize in the SOAR excellent angular resolution (about 0.15 arcsec, with tip-tilt correction) and medium resolution spectroscopy (R = 1000 - 30000), using an articulated camera and Volume Phase Holographic gratings.


  • 1300 fibers IFU
    Microlens array: 26 x 50
  • Two plate scales:
    0,15"/pixel, field 3.9x7.5"
    0.3"/pixel, field 7.8x15"
  • Sky IFU
  • Fiber bundle: 14m length of "blue" fibers (50µm core)





  • Bench spectrograph
    - VPH gratings
    - R~1000 - 30000
  • Detector:
    2k x 4k Lincoln Labs CCD (broadband AR coating),  SDSU-II controller + ArcVIEW

Suggestions and contributions are welcome: