The Gemini and SOAR observatories are in a phase of renewal of their instrumention or amplification of the capacities of existing instruments. These include:

GRACES (Gemini Remote Access to CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectrograph) may be added to this list.

Aiming to disseminate among the user communities of Gemini and SOAR knowledge about these instrument and the capacity to use them efficiently, LNA together with INCT-A invites researchers to participate in a training workshop. The meeting is meant to inform them about the opportunities offered by the new instruments and how to use them for their scientific projects. Thus, the workshop will deal with topics such as:

  1. Instrumental properties and capacities
    • which new research opportunities do they open up?
  2. Observational strategies
    • what do you have to consider when planning and performing observations with the new instruments?
  3. Preparation and execution of observations
    • e.g., how to prepare Phase II and use the Gemini Observing Tool with respect to the new instruments?
  4. Calibrations
    • how to calibrate data of the new instruments?
  5. Data format
    • how are the data organized when they are delivered to the user?
  6. Data reductions
    • what are the available tools?
    • what are the techniques required to reduce the data?

Special attention will be given to the practical aspects of these topics. Thus, the workshop will not be limited to talks of specialists about the respective subjects, but will emphasize practical exercises meant to provide the participants with hands-on experiences in the use of the instruments and the data delivered by them.

The workshop targets graduate students (preparing to work or aready working on data coming from the new instruments for their thesises), post-docs interested in using the new instruments, and also leaders of science groups who may identity new research opportunities for themselves and for their collaborators.

The workshop is open for sientists from all members of the Gemini and SOAR consortia. However, for practical reasons the number of participants is limited to about 50 - 60 persons.

Venue, date and structure of the workshop

The workshop will be held at a weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 8 - 10, 2014 (arrival recommended on the eve of the first day) at the Delphin Hotel in Guarujá, a ressort town at the coast of São Paulo State (close to the harbour town of Santos). The detailed schedule is still being in preparation and will be published opportunely (see the preliminary schedule).

Tutors for the different instruments are:

  • Rodrigo Carrasco, Gemini (GSAOI)
  • Rodrigo Carrasco, Gemini (GPI)
  • Percy Gomez, Gemini (Flamingos 2)
  • Andrey Tokonovin, NOAO/CTIO (SAM)
  • Cesar Briceno, SOAR (GHTS - multiobject mode)
  • Eder Martioli, LNA (GRACES e outra instrumentação do CFHT)

Deadline for registration: 2014, July 4

Organizing Committee:
   Albert Bruch
   Alberto Rodriguez-Ardila
   Luciano Fraga
   Eder Martioli
   Patrícia Oliveira


Last updated on 2014, July 1