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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-024

Autor: Martin Makler
Instituição: CBPF
e-mail: martin@cbpf.br

Karin Delmestre
Thiago S. Gonçalves
Alberto Molino
Eduardo S. Cypriano
Claudia Mendes de Oliveira
Maria Elidaiana Pereira
Marcelle Soares Santos
Clecio De Bom
Alex Wagner
Laurie Riguccini
James Annis
Nathalia Cibirka
Alfredo Zentno
Iruatã Souza Souza
Luidhy Santana Silva

Título: Blanco i-band Kilo-degree Survey - BlinK

Resumo: We propose to carry out BlinK: a 1000 sq-deg survey in the i-band with DECam down to magAB: 22.5. This data will enable us to study galaxy clusters, discover new strong lensing systems, study Lyman Break Analog Systems, find new star-forming early-type galaxies, study compact and fossil groups, in addition to carry out studies of large-scale structure and correlation with other wavelengths. Our kilo-degree field has not been previously explored in the i-band to the proposed depth nor with the DECam image quality and will benefit from existing spectroscopic data from SDSS and WiggleZ, and multi-wavelength data from other surveys, including existing DECam g,r,z data. This program builds up on the CFHT Stripe 82 (CS82) i-band survey and will be performed in close collaboration with the Blanco Imaging of the Southern Sky (BLISS) project and other DECam surveys. In addition to being a survey on its own, this proposal will have an impact on the current landscape of wide-field surveys, complementing the growing coverage of the extragalactic sky for dec < 30 deg. It can provide support to other surveys in the field, such as J-PLUS, and have a legacy value for targeting spectroscopic surveys or complementing the wavelength coverage of imaging surveys.