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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-021

Autor: Rafael Santucci
Instituição: IAG
e-mail: rafaelsantucci@usp.br

Vinicius Placco
Sílvia Rossi

Título: Finding the best metal-poor stars in the galactic halo

Resumo: We propose to determine carbon abundance [C/Fe] and metallicity [Fe/H] ratios for bright very metal-poor star candidates, obtaining medium-resolution spectra for our samples, which contains objects from the RAVE (Radial Velocity Experiment) database, Best & Brightest catalogue and the HK survey combined. We prepared a list of ~200 bright stars (Vmag < 12) that have positions and velocities of stars in the galactic halo. Our goal is to use SOAR/Goodman to obtain spectra for these candidates, using 5 nights in 2018A. The atmospheric parameters, as well as the [C/Fe] and [Fe/H] abundance ratios, are going to be calculated using our spectroscopic pipeline (n-SSPP), which is the same code (adapted to SOAR/ESO-NTT data) used in the SDSS stellar pipeline. The final step of this work is select the most promissing objects from SOAR follow-up to get high-resolution spectroscopy from the ground with the VLT/UVES, SOAR/STELES (coming soon), and from space with HST/STIS or COS, to provide more keys to understand the site and nature of the first stars.