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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-018

Autor: Alexandre S. de Oliveira
Instituição: UNIVAP
e-mail: alexandre@univap.br

Claudia Vilega Rodrigues
Karleyne M. G. Silva
Francisco J. Jablonski
Matheus Palhares
Murilo Martins

Título: Search for new magnetic Cataclysmic Variables

Resumo: The increasing number of synoptic surveys made by robotic telescopes, such as the CRTS, provides a unique opportunity to discover variable sources. Our goal is the discovery of magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (mCVs). These are rare objects that probe interesting accretion scenarios controlled by the white-dwarf magnetic field. In particular, improved statistics of mCVs would help to address open questions on their formation and evolution. This proposal is the continuation of a SOAR project carried out in 2012, when we performed a spectroscopic survey to search for signatures of high-ionization mass accretion in variable objects selected mostly from the CRTS, and found 22 mCV candidates. Now we intend to expand that project including CRTS transients discovered after 2012. Despite the inherent complexity in identifying a source as an mCV, variability-based selection, followed by spectroscopic snapshot observations, has proved to be an efficient strategy, being a relatively inexpensive approach in terms of telescope time