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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-013

Autor: Ingrid Pelisoli
Instituição: Outros
e-mail: ingrid.pelisoli@gmail.com

Roberto Raddi
Paula Izquierdo Sánchez
Boris Gaensicke
Leandro Althaus
Patrick Dufour
Nicola Gentile Fusillo
JJ Hermes JJ
Jay Holberg
Stefan Jordan
S.J. Kleinman
Kepler de Souza Oliveira
D. Koester
A Nitta
Matthias Schreiber
Silvia Toonen
Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay
Matthew Hoskin
Pablo Rodríguez Gil

Título: Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind

Resumo: White dwarfs play a unique and central role for our insight into the formation and evolution of stars, planetary systems, and the Galaxy itself. Analysis of a sufficiently large, complete, and volume-limited sample of these stellar remnants will transform our understanding of post main sequence mass loss, the local star formation history, the bulk composition of extra-solar planets, the pathways towards SN Ia explosions, and the foreground low-frequency gravitational wave fog detectable with future space-based missions such as eLISA/NGO. The ambition of this project is to increase the size of the volume limited white dwarf sample by an order of magnitude, pushing its boundary from Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind Page 1/10 20 pc to 40 pc, and focusing on intermediate galactic latitudes that will not be spectroscopically followed-up with WEAVE, DESI, and 4MOST. We will identify the nearby white dwarfs using the forthcoming Data Release 2 of Gaia.