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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-010

Autor: Mario De Prá
Instituição: ON
e-mail: mariondepra@gmail.com

David Morate
Jorge M. Carvano
Noemi Pinila Alonso

Título: Compositional analysis of the outer belt Lixiahoua family III

Resumo: The Lixiaohua collisional family lies in the Outer Main Belt, close to the well characterized Themis (and its Beagle sub-family) and Veritas family of primitive class asteroids. It is one of the only three families that hosts active asteroids (also known as Main Belt Comets). P/2012 T1 and 313P are members of the family (Hsieh et al., 2013, 2015b). We aim to study the family in order to: (1) accurately determine the spectral class and spectroscopic properties of the family; (2) measure the water content by studying the 700nm absorption band and the UV drop below 500nm due to hydrated minerals on their surfaces and derive information about the mineralogical composition and degree of differentiation of the family parent body, (3) allow to have a future spectral confirmation that active asteroids P/2012 T1 and 313P are real family members as we did in Licandro et al (2011, 2013). Therefore we propose to observe Lixiahoua family members with the Goodman HTS to reach a sample statiscally significant for this analysis.