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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-009

Autor: Raissa Estrela
Instituição: CRAAM
e-mail: rlf.estrela@gmail.com

Jorge Melendez-Moreno
Adriana Valio

Título: Unveiling the optical spectra of the Super-Earth GJ 1214b

Resumo: We propose to observe the optical band of the transits of the Super-Earth GJ1214b. Very little is known about Super-Earths planets, and understanding their nature is crucial to explore the rocky/gas planets transition and also their potential habitability. Due to the large planet-to-star flux ratio of GJ 1214b, that is comparable to a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting the Sun, this planet has been already a target for several studies using transit spectroscopy. In particular, many efforts have been done to characterize it in the near-infrared, and the observations show a flat spectrum. Additional observations are still needed in the optical band, which has only few points with large variation in the planet-to-star radius ratio and is unable to explain the discrepancy observed between the optical and near-infrared spectra. Using the high resolution of the Goodman spectrograph we will place strong observational constrains on the optical band of the transmission spectra of GJ 1214b. Such characterization will shed light on the atmospheric composition of GJ 1214b and its formation history.