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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-007

Autor: Ana Carolina Feliciano
Instituição: ON
e-mail: carolinaastro@on.br

Mario De Prá
Alvaro Alvarez Candal

Título: Observing Thule Objects

Resumo: The Thule asteroids are a population of objects trapped in stable orbits within the 4:3 mean motion resonance with Jupiter. So far only three objects are known to inhabit this region- being 279 Thule the largest one (diameter ~130 km) and the only one with spectral data available. The rest of the known population is composed of other two small (D ~ 10 km) asteroids, none of them with reported spectra. This small number is quite puzzling because the stability island within the resonance is large enough to gather a considerably larger population of objects with a shallower size distribution. It has been suggested that these two small asteroids could have an origin from the trans-Neptunian region (Vokrouhlicky et al. 2016, AJ, 152, 39), although Thule itself could not. An alternative hipothesis is that both smaller asteroids are in fact chips from Thule's surface. In this proposal we intend to observe Thule and one of the small asteroid (2001 QG207, the third is not reachable from SOAR) using GOODMAN aming at disentangling between these two possibilities.