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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - SO2018A-005

Autor: Jhon Yana Galarza
Instituição: IAG
e-mail: ramstojh@usp.br

Jorge Melendez-Moreno

Título: Finding New Solar Twins for Planets, Stellar Evolution & Galactic Archaeology

Resumo: The first generation of ~100 solar twins was discovered using the Hipparcos catalog. Thenceforth, the number of applications of these objects have increased considerably. For example, they were used for testing stellar interiors and evolution models, investigating the chemical evolution of the Galactic disk, studying the rotational evolution of the Sun, discovering new planets and setting the zero-point of fundamental calibrations in stellar astrophysics. With the first data release of TGAS (Tycho-Gaia), we found 533 solar twins candidates through constraints on color and absolute magnitude. We intend to observe this sample and determine their precise stellar parameters in order to identify new solar twins for different applications, from studying the exoplanet-chemical composition connection, to investigating the evolution of the Sun and chemical enrichment of our Galaxy. Thus, this project will have significant impact over different areas of Astrophysics.