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SOAR <\strong>- Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para o programa de Ciência Inicial
Semestre - 2018A




Título do Projeto


S-001 Diaz, M.P. IAG Searching for neon novae with spatially resolved shells 8
S-005 Galarza, J. Y. IAG Finding New Solar Twins for Planets, Stellar Evolution & Galactic Archaeology 32
S-006 Reggiani, H M IAG Finding bright relics of the early Universe 16
S-007 Feliciano, A C. ON Observing Thule Objects 10
S-009 Estrela R. CRAAM Unveiling the optical spectra of the Super-Earth GJ 1214b 5
S-010 De Pra, M. ON Compositional analysis of the outer belt Lixiahoua family III 24
S-011 Sanmartin D. outras Measuring the black hole mass in a gamma-ray detected NLS1 33
S-012 Barbuy, B. IAG IFU imaging of the bulge globular cluster Terzan 9, and comparison with date from MUSE@VLT 5
S-013 Pelisoli, Ingrid Outros Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind 25,5
S-016 Damineli, A. IAG The evolved stellar population of Westerlund 1 super-starcluster 8,5
S-018 Oliveira, A.S. UNIVAP Search for new magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 36
S-020 de Camargo, J.I.B. ON Stellar occultations by solar system bodies in the Gaia era 12
S-021 Santucci, R. IAG Finding the best metal-poor stars in the galactic halo 36
S-022 Steiner, J.E. IAG The Deep IFS View of Nuclei of Galaxies (DIVING3D) survey of bright galaxies in the southern hemisphere 16
S-023 Monteiro, H.S. UNIFEI Investigating abundance discrepancies in LMC planetary nebula 6
S-024 Makler, M. CBPF Blanco i-band Kilo-degree Survey - BlinK 25,5
S-025 Kerber, L. UESC An AO-Assisted Survey of RR Lyrae Stars in Fossil Bulge Globular Clusters 68