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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-022

Autor: Angela Cristina Krabbe
Instituição: UNIVAP
e-mail: angelak@univap.br

I. Rodrigues de Oliveira Filho
Priscila Alves Silva

Título: The Nature of Nurture: studying the spectroscopic and photometric proporties of Hoag-type Galaxies

Resumo: One of the possible outcomes of the galactic collisions and tidal interactions is the formation of rings. The resulting ring galaxies (RGs) may either be peculiar (pRG) or resonant (normal, NRG). pRGs are important targets to study disks that remain fairly intact after the interaction, allowing detailed observation of their structures, star formation properties, galaxy scale perturbations, hydrodynamics, vigorous nonnuclear star formation, stellar evolutionary processes across and inside the ring. The pRGs show a wide variety of ring and host galaxy morphology classes. One of them, called "Hoag", show almost perfec circular rings around diffuse bulges. Its formation process is is not yet fully undestood. We propose to use the Goodman Spectroscopy in longslit mode to observe 8 selected Hoag-like galaxies, to characterize stellar populations and physical properties (oxygen abundances, electron densities and kinematics of the ionized gas). These observations will provide insights into the origins and nature of these pRGs.