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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-021

Autor: Beatriz Fernandes
Instituição: IAG
e-mail: bfernandes@astro.iag.usp.br

Jane C. Gregório-Hetem
T. Montmerle
Thais Silva

Título: Deciphering the star-formation scenario of the Sh 2-296 nebula

Resumo: The star-formation history of the Sh 2-296 nebula, located in the CMa OB1/R1 association (d=1kpc), is still a mystery. It is suggested to be an old SN remnant that could have triggered the formation of new stars in the region. Our current knowledge of the young stellar population in CMa OB1/R1 hints to different star-formation events, a low fraction of circumstellar disks, and a widespread evolved young stellar population of unknown origin. It is, therefore, a prime laboratory for the investigation of the influence of massive stars on their surroundings, affecting the formation and evolution of stars and planets. This proposal will contribute with our on-going multiband study of young clusters in the nebula, with which we intend to understand the star-formation history and early evolution of this region on a truly global scale for the first time. We will make use of the very high resolution of Spartan and SAM to conduct both a detailed study of the conditions of the gas associated with young clusters in Sh 2-296 and a more complete characterization of its young stellar population.