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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-020

Autor: Ana Chies-Santos
Instituição: IAG/USP
e-mail: ana.chies@iag.usp.br

Basílio X. Santiago
Roderik Overzier
Eduardo Balbinot
Charles H. Bonatto
Alan Alves Brito
Anna Barbara
Emilio Zanatta
Paula Silveira
Adriano Pires

Título: The build up of our closest S0 -- near field cosmology in the low density environment around NGC3115

Resumo: There are important discrepancies between near-field cosmological observations in the Local Group with theoretical predictions. Thus, it is foremost to reach to larger distances and study complete systems away from the Local Group. We propose to study the build-up of the nearby galaxy 'system' around NGC3115 with DECam at Blanco. By studying the outskirts of this S0 galaxy down to surface brightness levels ~27 mag/arsec-2 it will be possible to systematically search for ultra diffuse galaxies and general tidal structures around this low-density environment system. Moreover a complete wide-field census of compact stellar systems (ultra compact dwarfs, globular clusters and faint fuzzies) will add great detail to the integrated stellar population picture. The outskirts of galaxies should harbour a variety of signatures of its formation processes, and through both compact and diffuse stellar systems and tidal structures it will be possible to take advantage of several 'observables', with a single data-set, to shed-light into the puzle of the formation and evolution of this nearby-system, and of galaxy-systems in general. Therefore, to cover a radius of 0.5MPc around NGC3115 in the g and r bands and fullfill our posed science goals we request 4 nights.