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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-018

Autor: Luidhy Santana Silva
Instituição: outra
e-mail: tsg@astro.ufrj.br

Thiago S. Gonçalves
Aldee Charbonnier
Laurie Riguccini
Rafael Eufrasio
Karin Delmestre
Rene Minakata
Joao Paulo Nogueira Cavalcante

Título: Continuing the Environment of Lyman Break Analogs galaxies survey (ELBA/DECam survey)

Resumo: We propose to observe seven fields around supercompact UV-luminous galaxies (ScUVLGs) at $z\sim0.15$ with {\it ugri} filters, down to AB magnitude of $\sim$26. These galaxies are dust-deficient in comparison to other star-forming galaxies located at the same redshift, and might represent a distinct formation scenario, more characteristic of what is typically happening at high redshift ($z>2$). We will study the enviroment around these galaxies and compare the results with similar starburst galaxies at earlier epochs, in order to determine whether the large-scale structure alone can be responsible for their observed properties.