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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-017

Autor: Jonathan Hernandez Fernandez
Instituição: IAG/USP
e-mail: jonatan@astro.iag.usp.br

Claudia Mendes de Oliveira
P. Amram

Título: Halpha survey of Star-Forming Compact Groups.

Resumo: We request for semester 2017A the H-alpha imaging of 15 Star-Forming Compact Groups (SFCGs) from a sample of 280 group candidates recently identified in the GALEX All-sky Imaging Survey. The SFCG sample presents a combination of properties different from the group samples studied up to now, such as low velocity dispersions ~120 km/s, low virial mases ~3.7x10^2 M_sun, small dynamical time-scales ~0.7 Gyr and a high star-forming fraction ~95%. The proposed H-alpha imaging will allow us to characterize the evolutionary stage and the main mechanisms of interactions of SFCGs by spatially resolving star-formation within members and, detecting extra-galactic gas-rich tidal streams, tidal dwarf galaxies and truncated star-forming disks. A systematic assessment of the star-foming activity (or its absence) and the effects of the galaxy interactions would requiere the H alpha observations of 40-50 SFCGs. In case it is necessary, this run will also be used to test the SAM Fabry-Perot soon available for the comunity.