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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-015

Autor: Julio Ignacio Bueno de Camargo
Instituição: ON
e-mail: camargo@on.br

Roberto Vieira Martins
Felipe B. Ribas
Marcelo Assafin
Jose Luiz Ortiz
Rene Duffard
B. Sicardy
Leonardo Vanzi
Rodrigo Leiva
Diane Berard

Título: ToO - Stellar occultations of distant solar system bodies in the Gaia era

Resumo: Distant objects in the solar system are keys to understand the history and evolution of its outskirts. Stellar occultation is a well known technique that allows the determination of sizes and shapes of these objects with kilometric accuracy (thus albedos, densities), the detection of very tenuous atmospheres (few nanobars), as well as an investigation of the immediate vicinity of the target body (presence of rings, satellites, jets). Such accuracies/sensitivity are only rivaled by those from space probes. With the first release of the astrometry from the Gaia space mission we are in a truly exciting new context, since high accuracy is now expected for a number of predictions of occultations. Here, we propose to use our visitor instrument (Raptor EMCCD camera) installed at SOAR to sample stellar occultations with both high SNR and high temporal resolution. Our goals: monitor Chariklo's rings, a follow-up of Pluto's atmosphere, and also to detect events by other TNOs and Centaurs. For this, we request 4h (12h with payback) in ToO mode, enough to observe up to 4 events.