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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-010

Autor: W.S. Martins Filho
Instituição: ON
e-mail: walter@on.br

Alvaro Alvarez Candal
C.A Griffith
K. Pearson
Morgan Fitzpatrick

Título: Clouds on extrasolar planets with inflated atmospheres

Resumo: Ground-based exoplanet transit observations are difficult, as systematic errors can exceed the signal of the exoplanet. Yet optical spectroscopy provides the best method for measuring the presence of clouds in exoplanetary atmospheres. Recent transit measurements of exoplanets indicate that exoclouds are ubiquitous, and affect the interpretation of exoplanetary spectra. Here we propose transit spectra, with the Goodman spectrograph, of WASP-69b and WASP-15b to investigate the correlations between clouds and exoplanetary effective temperatures. These exoplanets constitute two of the twelve fluffy exoplanets considered in our larger study to understand the processes underlying cloud formation. Our observations treat systematic errors by targeting exoplanets with high scale height atmospheres, which exhibit significantly more prominent spectroscopic features than prior studies. The target star and reference star are analyzed with standard techniques, coupled with Independent Component Analysis that decouples the signal of the exoplanet from those of the noise and systematics.