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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-008

Autor: Deise Aparecida Rosa
Instituição: INPE
e-mail: deisearosa@hotmail.com

Andre de Castro Milone
Angela Cristina Krabbe
I. Rodrigues de Oliveira Filho

Título: Consequence of galaxy interaction on the stellar populations: the case of the E+E double sy

Resumo: The study of galaxies in interaction at different stages should give us some relevant information about the impact of the hierarchical process in the formation of early type galaxies (ETGs). In order to analysis a single case, we have carefully selected in the Catalogue of Arp & Madore (1987) the pair AM 1204-292, which is an E+E interaction double system. Two isolated ETGs, PGC32042 and PGC32417, have been chosen as a control sample because they are very similar to each galaxy of the target interacting E+E system. The main goal of this project is to characterize the stellar populations in the galaxies AM1204A (NGC4105, E3 type and LINER) and AM1204B (NGC4106, S(B)0 type) by applying stellar population synthesis. The second aim is to obtain some information about the internal kinematics of them. We want to answer whether the on-going interaction in AM 1204-292 can have induced a recent star formation episode in their components since both galaxies still have H I gas and one of them exhibits nuclear ionized gas (NGC4105).