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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - SO2017A-004

Autor: Marcos Perez Diaz
Instituição: IAG
e-mail: marcos@astro.iag.usp.br

Larissa Takeda

Título: Searching for neon novae with spatially resolved shells

Resumo: Neon novae are a peculiar class of novae that present over abundance of Ne in the shell gas emission during the eruption. The most probable origin of these abundances lies on the presence of a O-Ne-Mg white dwarf, although the dragging process of the heavy metal elements during eruption has never been fully explained. The properties of the O-Ne-Mg white dwarf are essential to understand the evolution process of the binary system and the neon novae as type Ia supernovae progenitors. In order to study these objects, we need first to identify the neon novae that present visible and resolved shells, which is the main goal of our SOAR project.