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Projeto Observacional para 2016B - SO2016B-016

Autor: Alejandra Romero
Instituição: UFRGS
e-mail: aleromero82@gmail.com

Kepler de Souza Oliveira

Título: Photometry of high mass variable white dwarf stars

Resumo: Massive DA variable white dwarfs, with stellar masses above 0.8 solar masses, are rare though powerfull tools to study the physics at extreme conditions, like crystalization in high density enviroments. Also they can be used to study the carbon-to-oxygen reaction rate through the C/O composition of the core. These objects are dificult to find because they are intrinsically fewer and fainter due to their small radius. Currently ~30 objects are massive DA variables. Most massive ZZ Cetis have very few observed periods, since they are faint low amplitude pulsators. We propose to observe a sample of know massive ZZ Cetis to increase the number of observed periods and thus obtain more detailed information about the interior of the star, includig the structure of the central regions where crystallization occurs.