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Projeto Observacional para 2016B - SO2016B-014

Autor: Paulo Lopes
Instituição: UFRJ
e-mail: plopes@astro.ufrj.br

Christine Jones
William Forman
Lorenzo Lovisari
Aldee Charbonnier

Título: Ram Pressure Stripping in a Galaxy First Infall

Resumo: We propose to use the Goodman Spectrograph at the SOAR telescope to observe two early-type galaxies and associated X-ray tails. We detected the first object (CGCG384-028) using Chandra and now we have a deeper (93 ks) XMM-Newton observation. This galaxy is located close to the R500 radius of the cluster Abell119, at redshift z = 0.0431. The tail extent in the X-rays is ~ 80 kpc. The second galaxy, NGC1603 (at z = 0.0166), belongs to the poor group NGC1600. Its tail (~1 arcmin or 20 kpc) has not been extensively studied. We aim to study spectral features of the galaxies plus tails, from their optical spectra, searching for traces of the interaction of the galaxy and the intracluster gas. We want to investigate the existence of different emission lines, such as {\hbeta}, [O_{III}], [N_{II}] and {\halpha}. In both cases we will investigate star formation along the stripped material, in the intracluster medium (ICM). For CGCG 384-028 the combination of X-ray and optical data will allow for the first time to assess the impact of ram-pressure stripping in a galaxy first infall