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Projeto Observacional para 2016B - SO2016B-009

Autor: Basílio X. Santiago
Instituição: UFRGS
e-mail: santiago@if.ufrgs.br

Alex Drlica-Wagner
Keith Bechtol
Brian Yanny
Luiz Nicolaci da Costa
Marcio A.G. Maia
David James
Alistair Walker
Kathy Vivas
Elmer Luque Canaza
Adriano Pires
Anna Barbara Queiroz

Título: Imaging Follow-up of Milky-Way companions revealed by the Dark Energy Survey

Resumo: Understanding the properties of the remaining system of Milky-Way satellite galaxies is a necessary step towards modelling the process of Galactic mass assembly, constraining the number of dark matter rich MW subhalos and testing scenarios of structure formation. We propose to obtain SOAR/SOI follow up data for at least 8 MW companion candidates found with internal data releases of the first two years of the Dark Energy Survey . The gr photometry down to g ~ 25, i ~ 24 will reach below the main sequence turn-off of the most conspicuous candidates and allow for a more accurate determination of their sizes, ages, metallicities, luminosities and distances. Systems with a range of stellar ages and metallicities are more likely to be dwarf galaxies than star clusters. The requested data will also confirm the physical nature and allow for characterization of the more sparsely populated systems in the sample. When coupled with spectroscopy, the SOAR data will also yield better estimates of their mass-to-light ratios and dark matter content.