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Projeto Observacional para 2016B - SO2016B-008

Autor: Jonathan Hernandez Fernandez
Instituição: IAG/USP
e-mail: jonatan@astro.iag.usp.br

Claudia Mendes de Oliveira

Título: Star-Forming Compact Groups: A complete redhisft survey

Resumo: We have recently identified a local sample (z<0.15) of 280 Star-Forming Compact Groups (SFCGs) of galaxies in the ultraviolet Galaxy Evolution EXplorer (GALEX) All-sky Imaging Survey (AIS). The SFCG sample presents a combination of properties different from the group samples studied up to now, such as low velocity dispersions ~120 km/s, low virial masses of ~3.7x10^12 M_sun, small dynamical time-scales ~0.7 Gyr and a high star-forming fraction ~95%. This points to the SFCGs being in an evolutionary stage distinct from those groups selected in the optical and near-infrared wavelenghts. More than 57% of SFCG UV galaxies have not known redshifts. A redshift compilation for the whole sample in the frame of a long-term project is needed to confirm that those groups without a signficant number of known redshifts, are velocity concordant and also for accurately derive group properties