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Projeto Observacional para 2016B - SO2016B-006

Autor: Luis Gabriel Hahn
Instituição: UNIFEI
e-mail: luisgdh@gmail.com

Rogerio Riffel
Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann
Rogemar A Riffel
Alberto Rodriguez-Ardila
Lucimara Pires Martins
Richard Davies
Leonard Burtscher

Título: Does Star Formation Play a Decisive Role in AGN Fuelling?

Resumo: Current models and simulations of gas inflows around galaxy nuclei lead to episodes of circumnuclear star formation. But there is no consensus on whether active galaxy nuclei [AGN] fueling occurs at the same time as the star formation, or follows it during a post-starburst phase. Other studies suggest that AGN fueling is not associated withany recent star formation in the vicinity of the AGN. It is then fundamental to this debate to investigate if there is an association between star formation and nuclear activity, taking into account in particular the role played by the AGN luminosity. A breakthrough in understanding the role of nuclear stellar populations around AGN can be made by a simple, but thorough, test of whether young or intermediate age stars are present within few hundred pc of the AGN: i] if the youngest stellar populations are present, AGN fueling is contemporary with star formation; [ii] if instead intermediate age stars dominate the stellar population, fueling is driven by a post-starburs, thus the AGN phase follows the starburst phase or [iii] finding only old stars would imply that gas inflow to the AGN is efficient and star formation does not occur. Our goal is to use SpeX to observe a sample of nearby AGNs covering a wide range of luminosities and test the above scenarios. With these observations we aim to obtain the age of the nuclear/circumnuclear stellar population in the near-IR and thus shed some light in the AGN-starburs connection.