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SOAR - Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para o programa de Ciência Inicial
Semestre - 2016B




Título do Projeto


S-009Santiago, B.X.UFRGSImaging Follow-up of Milky-Way companions revealed by the Dark Energy Survey32
S-005de Camargo, J.I.B.ONToO - Stellar Occultations of distant solar system bodies in the GAIA era12
S-003Damineli, A.IAGThe undisturbed spectrum of etaCarA reflected on the Key Hole Nebula8
S-018Kerber, L.UESCStar clusters in the outer regions of the Small Magellanic Cloud80
S-014Lopes, P.UFRJRam Pressure Stripping in a Galaxy First Infall9
S-017de Oliveira, R.L.UFSOptical follow-up of gamma-Cassiopeiae like candidate stars9
S-015Santos, J.F.C.UFMGThe comprehensive formation and evolution history of the outermost regions of the Large Magellanic Cloud as shown by its star cluster population40
S-002Pelisoli, IngridOutrosTime Resolved Spectroscopy of the Lowest Mass White Dwarfs33
S-016Romero, AUFRGSPhotometry of high mass variable white dwarf stars41
S-001Pelisoli, IngridOutrosPhotometry of Extremely-Low Mass White Dwarf Candidates28
S-006Hahn, Luis GabrielUNIFEIDoes Star Formation Play a Decisive Role in AGN Fuelling?17
S-008Hernandez-Fernandez, JonathanIAG/USPStar-Forming Compact Groups: A complete redhisft survey8
S-004 Cavichia, O IAG Small Solar System Bodies with Orbits beyond Neptune 6

Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para programas de Longo Prazo - Semestre 2016A
Projeto Autor Instituição Título do Projeto Horas Concedidas
(ID Original: SO2016A-014)
Brito, A. A UFRGS The UFRGS Open Cluster Survey (UOCS): searching for chemical anomalies in Galactic open clusters through CN and CH molecular band strengths 34