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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-025

Autor: Aldee Charbonnier
Instituição: UFRJ
e-mail: charbonnier@astro.ufrj.br

Karin Delmestre
Thiago S. Gonçalves
Galliano Emmanuel
Paula R.T. Coelho

Título: Compact massive galaxies at intermediate redshift

Resumo: A population o massive passive galaxies has been identified at high redshift (z~2), with physical sizes ~3 times smaller than that of local ellipticals. The existence of these compact passive galaxies with what seem to be elliptical-scale masses challenges our understanding: do these grow into today's ellipticals by a means that does not entail a significant stellar mass growth? or, do these galaxies remain as relics of the past at lower redshifts? Within the context of what could support the latter option, we have found promising candidates for this population at intermediate redshifts, based on CS82 photometry. By observing a carefully-selected sample of these objects at 3500-5400 A, we seek to derive secure spectroscopic redshifts and study the properties of their stellar populations. This will allow us to corroborate their relic nature and place constraints on the evolution of this population over cosmic time. We propose to observe a set of 5 massive compact quiescent galaxies at intermediate redshift (0.2