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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-024

Autor: Roberto K. Saito
Instituição: UFS
e-mail: saito@ufs.br

Tiago Ribeiro de Souza
Bernardo W. Borges
Rodolfo Angeloni
Marcio Catelan
Dante Minniti

Título: NIR spectroscopic follow-up of VVV Nova candidates and other large-amplitude transients of unknown nature

Resumo: The VVV Survey is proving to be every bit as much of a gold-mine as anticipated, having already produced a number of scientific results on several hot astrophysical topics. The ability to explore in the near-infrared bands the most obscured regions of the Galaxy has lead to the discovery of several transient astronomical events that usually had escaped any optical monitoring because of the strong interstellar extinction. Many such events however still require spectroscopic observations in order to have their nature confirmed and their physical properties unveiled. Here, we propose a near-IR spectroscopic follow-up of nova-like candidates discovered by VVV as well as other large-amplitude transients of unknown nature found in the course of its photometric monitoring up to now.