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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-016

Autor: Marcio do Carmo Pinheiro
Instituição: UFFS
e-mail: pinheiro.marcio@gmail.com

Zulema Abraham
Marcus Vinicius F. Copetti

Título: Massive stars in young clusters associated with ring-like structures and bubbles - Fase II

Resumo: The GLIMPSE mid-infrared (MIR) survey has unveiled over 6000 bubble or shell-like structures, which are generally associated to O or early-B star. G331.1-0.2, G330.9-0.2 and G330.9-04 are part of a complex of HII regions located on the border of a super ring-like structure detected in the mid-infrared. Massive stars are needed to ionize the gas and to power the associated MIR bubbles. However, these massive stars are still unknown, probably because they are severely obscured by dust. In this proposal, we will perform spectroscopic observations in the near-infrared to uncover these massive stars. Based on JHK photometric data from the 2MASS survey, we have selected a set of massive star candidates. The identification and spectral classification of these stars will allow the accurate determination of the stellar masses and the distance of the HII regions. The ultimate objective is to confirm the physical association between the various clusters and HII regions found towards the MIR super ring and to study the propagation of the star formation in the complex.