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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-011

Autor: Eduardo Bica
Instituição: UFRGS
e-mail: bica@if.ufrgs.br

Ana Chies-Santos
Alan Alves Brito
Charles H. Bonatto
Basílio X. Santiago
Juliana Crestani
Dinalva Aires de Sales
Gabriel Aguiar
Alejandra Romero
Adriano Pires
Pedro Henrique Macedo

Título: Unveiling the nature of the star clusters GLIMPSE-C01, Tombaugh 2 and 2MASS GC01

Resumo: The Galactic sample of globular clusters (GC) is intrinsically small if compared to other more luminous galaxies that contain far greater numbers. The 2MASS survey revealed populous open clusters (OCs) which rivaled with GCs at first glance. In this proposal we intend to test whether four low Galatic latitude clusters with dubious nature are globular or open clusters. They have been classified as GC candidates and three of them are severely reddened. Two of them show evidence of streams and shock effects in the stellar and interestellar medium that are visible in the IR surveys. They are objects similar in certain ways to the celebrated Palomar 5 GC, which has important tidal features. These clusters have been previously studied in the NIR Unveiling the nature of the star clusters GLIMPSE-C01, Tombaugh 2 and 2MASS GC01 Page 1/9 with rather shallow data and low resolution. We will collect at SOAR deep and high resolution images with the Spartan camera (5 x 5 arcmin2 ). We will decontaminate crowded fields and enhance the CMD sequences, especially the turn-off to accurately determine ages. We therefore request Spartan observations in J, H, Ks to produce high quality deeper