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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-010

Autor: Henri Plana
Instituição: UESC
e-mail: plana@uesc.br

P. Amram

Título: Internal Kinematics of Giant Extragalactic HII Regions

Resumo: This proposal aims to tackle the kinematical nature of Giant Extragalactic HII regions (GHIIRs). Giant HII Regions are known to show supersonic line width, but the real nature of such internal motion signature and mechanisms responsible for the broadening are still largely studied. Ring galaxies show large number of GHIIRs in both the ring and the arms. We propose to study the internal kinematics of such regions using high spectral and spatial instrument combining SAM + FP etalon. By carefully study Ha profiles and velocity dispersion map, we pretend to identify and separate expanding shells from pure turbulent motion in those regions. The large number of GHIIRs will also give the possibility study the scaling relations (L(Ha) vs Sigma, L(Ha) vs HII Radii) and compare them with isolated spirals (from the GHASP survey), in order to investigate any influence of the rings in the SFR process.