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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-004

Autor: Rogerio Riffel
Instituição: UFRGS
e-mail: riffel@ufrgs.br

Natacha Z Dametto
Luis Gabriel Hahn
Alberto Rodriguez-Ardila
Lucimara Pires Martins
Rogemar A Riffel

Título: Probing the processes involved in powering luminous infrared galaxies

Resumo: We intend to probe the processes involved in powering Luminous Infrared Galaxies classified as Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei (LLAGNS), LLAGNS being the most common type of active galaxy in the local universe. This is a field in which near infrared spectroscopy adds the definitive diagnostics to disentangle the various mechanisms producing their very energetic infrared luminosities. Our approach uses new techniques to fit stellar populations and emission lines in near-infrared spectra, which has advantages over optical investigations. We propose ARCoIRIS spectroscopy of a sample of LIRGs classifed as LLAGNs and a control sample of star-forming galaxies in order to: (i) identify the energy source powering these objects, (ii) test if the luminosity evolution is associated with their star formation history and/or with the active nuclei, and (iii) verify the active galactic nuclei-starburst connection in the near-infrared.