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Projeto Observacional para 2016A - SO2016A-001

Autor: Marcelo Borges Fernandes
Instituição: ON
e-mail: borges@on.br

Mary Oksala
Michaela Kraus

Título: Characterizing the magnetosphere of the extremely rapidly rotating magnetic Bp star HR 5907 via IR spectra

Resumo: Infrared spectroscopy has recently begun to be used as a tool to study the magnetospheres of massive stars. We propose to apply this new technique to map and study the centrifugal magnetosphere of the most rapidly rotating, non-degenerate star HR 5907, using near infrared emission features, primarily in Brackett hydrogen recombination lines. We will also study the kinematics and variability of the circumstellar emitting material to determine the relationship and differences between features in the IR compared to other wavelength regions (i.e. Halpha emission), provide constraints for modeling these objects, and develop techniques for future work on candidate stars in areas inaccessible by optical and UV methods.This work will utilize the medium resolution (R ~ 3000) capability of the OSIRIS IR spectrograph to obtain a time-series of high S/N (>500) H-band spectra of HR 5907, covering the entire stellar rotation period.