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SOAR - Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para o programa de Ciência Inicial
Semestre - 2016A




Título do Projeto


S-007 Marcolino, W. UFRJ Addressing the weak wind problem in massive stars through OSIRIS/near-IR spectroscopy 6
S-012 Santiago, B.X. UFRGS Imaging Follow-up of Milky-Way companions revealed by the Dark Energy Survey 20
S-002 de Camargo, J.I.B. ON ToO - Stellar occultations by transneptunians (TNOs) and Centaurs 12
S-004 Riffel, R. UFRGS Probing the processes involved in powering luminous infrared galaxies 25,5
S-011 Bica, E. UFRGS Unveiling the nature of the star clusters GLIMPSE-C01, Tombaugh 2 and 2MASS GC01 2
S-010 Plana, H. UESC Internal Kinematics of Giant Extragalactic HII Regions 18
S-005 Pelisoli, I. Outros Time Resolved Spectroscopy of the Lowest Mass White Dwarfs 28
S-022 Lopes, P. UFRJ Galaxy Evolution within Interacting Galaxy Clusters 17
S-017 de Oliveira, R.L. UFS A census of hard X-ray emitters: revealing and investigating Wolf-Rayets and gamma-Cassiopeiae like stars 41
S-018 Diaz, M.P. IAG Searching for neon novae with spatially resolved shells 10
S-006 Pelisoli, I. Outros Photometry of Extremely-Low Mass White Dwarf Candidates 60
S-008 Oliveira, C. M. IAG Star-Forming Compact Groups: A complete redhisft survey 18
S-003 Stavros, A UFRJ Deciphering the true nature of candidate symbiotic stars 10
S-025 Charbonnier, A UFRJ Compact massive galaxies at intermediate redshift 26
S-021 Oliveira, C. M. IAG Halpha survey of Star-Forming Compact Groups 15
S-016 Pinheiro, F.P. UFFS Massive stars in young clusters associated with ring-like structures and bubbles - Fase II 14
S-024 Saito, R.K. UFS NIR spectroscopic follow-up of VVV Nova candidates and other large-amplitude transients of unknown nature 18
S-019 Santucci, R. IAG Identifying Carbon Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars in the RAVE Catalogue 40
S-001 Fernandes, M.B. ON Characterizing the magnetosphere of the extremely rapidly rotating magnetic Bp star HR 5907 via IR spectra 20

Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para programas de Longo Prazo - Semestre 2016A
Projeto Autor Instituição Título do Projeto Horas Concedidas
(ID Original: SO2016A-014)
Brito, A. A UFRGS The UFRGS Open Cluster Survey (UOCS): searching for chemical anomalies in Galactic open clusters through CN and CH molecular band strengths 34