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SOAR - Classificação e Distribuição de tempo para o programa de Ciência Inicial
Semestre - 2015B




Título do Projeto


S-002 de Camargo, J.I.B. ON ToO - Stellar occultations by transneptunians and Centaurs 12
S-013 Riffel, R. UFRGS Stellar populations in the Palomar Galaxy Sample 17
S-012 Lazzaro, D. ON Assessing the surface homogeneity of (1459) Magnya, the outer Main Belt basaltic asteroid 16
S-008 Santos, J.F.C. UFMG The comprehensive formation and evolution history of the outermost regions of the Large Magellanic Cloud as shown by its star cluster population 50
S-011 Gregório-Hetem, J. IAG A search for conspicuous features of molecular and ionized gas surrounding young star clusters 14
S-021 Charbonnier, A UFRJ Compact massive galaxies at intermediate redshift 36
S-018 Santiago, B.X. UFRGS Imaging Follow-up of Milky-Way companions revealed by the Dark Energy Survey 30
S-015 Gomes, S.P. UFRJ Searching for symbiotic stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud via deep Halpha plus SLOAN images 46
S-020 Santucci, R. IAG Identifying Bright CEMP Stars in the RAVE Catalog 43
S-004 Candal, A. A. ON Visible photometry of "odd" trans-Neptunian objects 32
S-005 Fernandes, M.B. ON Characterizing the magnetosphere of the prototypical magnetic Bp star sigma Ori E via IR emission features 25
S-007 Reggiani, H. M. IAG Finding bright relics of the early Universe 37
S-016 Oliveira, C. M. IAG Study of tidal dwarf galaxies and other young objects formed in mergers/interacting systems 8
S-001 Telles, E. ON The astrophysics of Post-Starburst Quasars 15
S-019 Oliveira, V. de abreu UFSM Internal variation of electron temperature for HII regions 6