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April  10, 1999


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Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica

Pico dos Dias Observatory (OPD)




1.6m Perkin-Elmer

This is main telescope at OPD/LNA. It was commissioned in 1981. Its focal ratio at the Cassegrain focus is f/10 and the optical design is Ritchey-Chrétien. At the Coudé focus the focal ratio is f/31.2 after some conversions from a secondary that delivers a f/150 beam. The telescope points under control of a program developed by LNA and UFMG. The absolute precision of the pointing is about 15 arcsec. This telescope is used in photometric and spectroscopic projects.

0.6m Boller & Chivens (IAGUSP)

This telescope was installed at the OPD in 1992 through an agreement between the University of São Paulo and LNA. The focal ratio at the Cassegrain focus is f/13.5. The optics is of Ritchey-Chrétien type. The pointing system for this telescope is very similar to the one developed for the 1.6-m telescope. The telescope is used exclusively for photometry.

0.6m Zeiss Jena

This telescope is the result of a coffee trade with the late East Germany in the sixties. For many years it was stored near Brazópolis and finally installed at OPD in the beginning of 1983. It is a classical Cassegrain with parabolic/hyperbolic primary/secondary. The equivalent f-ratio is f/12.5. The instrument has manual pointing. It is used exclusively for photometry.


Characteristics of the telescopes at OPD


Area (cm2)a f / Db

Scale ("/mm)

1.6m 16085 10.0 12.9
0.6m B&C 2262 13.5 25.5
0.6m Zeiss 2262 12.5 27.5

a) Taking into account a central obscurity of 20%
b) At the Cassegrain focus