Campos do Jordão, Brazil, April 1-4, 2012.

Workshop Overview

LSST is an optical 8-meter class telescope with a 9.6 deg^2 FOV, devoted to imaging the sky in six broad bands for a 10-year survey. It will be placed on Cerro Pachon in Chile, close to SOAR and Gemini South.

In its first month of operation, the LSST will see more of the Universe than all previous telescopes combined. Its rapid-fire, 3-billion pixel digital camera will open a movie-like window on objects that change or move; its superb images will enable mapping the cosmos as never before. Surveying the entire Southern sky every few days, LSST will provide data in real time to both astronomers and the public.

This workshop will provide information to Brazilian astronomers and computer scientists about the scientific and technological possibilities of this project, and will foster discussions about the possibility of Brazil joining the LSST partnership.

The workshop to be held in Campos do Jordão, state of São Paulo, Brazil from 1-4 April 2012.

The workshop is open to astronomers and computer scientists (targeted specifically to Brazilian and US scientists. but we welcome colleagues from other countries as well) interested in learning about the LSST possibilities for astronomy, software and large survey databases.


Bruno V. Castilho, Chair (LNA, Brazil)
Steve Kahn, Co-Chair (Stanford University/SLAC, LSST, USA)
Donald Sweeney (LSST, USA)
Patricia Oliveira, secretary (LNA, Brazil)
Gislaine Yoko, secretary (INCTA/USP, Brazil)

Scientific Committee

Raul Abramo (IF/USP, Brazil)
Renato Dupke (ON, Brazil)
Donald Sweeney (LSST, USA)
Michael Strauss (U. Princeton, USA)
Marcio Maia (LIneA/ON, Brasil)
Kepler de Oliveira (UFRGS, Brasil)
Claudia Oliveira (IAG/USP, Brasil)
Fabio Porto (LNCC, Brasil)
Hugo Capelato (INPE, Unicsul)

Contact e-mail: lsst_workshop(at)lna.br

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