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Gemini North and South

novoProjetos Aprovados para 2015 B

Confira aqui os projetos aprovados no Gemini para o semestre 2015 B.


Gemini Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals

The first Call for Proposals (CfP) for the new Fast Turnaround (FT) observing mode started on January 2, 2015. Most Gemini users now have the opportunity to submit proposals every month, with successful programs being observed starting approximately one month after the proposal deadline. A novel aspect of the scheme is that the scientific merit of the proposals is assessed by the principal investigators (or designated co-investigators) of other proposals that are submitted during the same cycle. The review process and the program in general are described in full on the FT web pages.

More details on the January 2 CfP can be found here. The deadline for this first CfP is January 31 and the first observations scheduled for March 9-11. Questions and comments are welcome, and should be sent to fast.turnaround@gemini.edu


Gemini Science and Users Meeting 2015

The Future & Science of Gemini Observatory
                           Toronto, 14-18 June 2015

Registration is now open for the next Gemini Science and User Meeting, which will be
held in Toronto, 14-18 June 2015. The Gemini Science Meeting occurs every three
years. The theme of this year's meeting is "The Future & Science of Gemini
Observatory." The meeting will cover a range of exciting scientific results from the
international community, such as:  Solar System, Exoplanets, Galactic astronomy, The
Nearby Universe, Cosmic Explosions, AGNs and QSOs, and Distant Galaxies and

If you have used Gemini data in the past several years,  or are interested in
finding out more about the  capabilities of the Observatory, please consider
attending. At the User meeting there will be discussions on the next-generation
instruments, observing modes and synergies with other facilities as the Observatory
looks ahead to 2020 and beyond. In particular, the Gemini Instrument Feasibility
Study (GIFS) teams will present their studies for the next Gemini instrument and
your feedback is requested on the different concepts to be proposed.

Abstract and Early Registration (reduced fee) deadlines are both March 4, 2015.  For
further information on the program, registration, abstract submission, and the
venue click here.