The DIVING3D project: Deep IFS View of Nuclei of Galaxies

Principal Investigator:  João Evangelista Steiner

PI institution: Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas (IAG), Cidade Universitária - Rua do Matão, 1226 05508-090 - São Paulo - SP, Brazil.

Co-Investigators:  Roberto Cid Fernandes, Paula Rodrigues Teixeira Coelho, Natalia Vale Asari, Roberto Bertoldo Menezes, Tiago Vecchi Ricci, André Luiz de Amorim, Daniel May Nicolazzi.

Original title of LLP: "LLP -  The Gemini Survey of Galactic Nuclei - GSGN"

    Galactic nuclei are special regions of galaxies, hosting supermassive black holes and stellar populations that record important aspects of the history of the galaxy formation and evolution. In this proposal we aim to perform a survey of nuclei of a complete sample with deep 3D spectroscopy, with a combination of unprecedented spatial resolution and signal-to noise. We expect to achieve 4 scientific goals:

    a) Nuclear emission line properties. Detect and study the statistical, geometric and physical properties of Low Luminosity AGN: “dwarf” Seyferts and LINERs as well as starburst nuclei. We propose to carry out the deepest demographic study of supermassive black holes and their local environment yet performed.

    b) Circumnuclear emission line properties. Determine the nature and ionization mechanism as well as the kinematics of the line emitting gas in the ~100 pc scale circum-nuclear region.

    c) Stellar kinematical properties of all nuclei. Mass-to-light ratios will be derived on dynamical basis and compared to those of spectral synthesis and stellar velocity dispersion in order to study the importance of dark matter and the IMF.

    d) Stellar populations archeology. Study the chemical composition and history of star formation using state-of the-art methods and stellar population models.

Progress Reports

2014 A Progress Report

2014 B Progress Report

2015 A Progress Report

2015 B Progress Report

2016 A Progress Report

2016 B Progress Report

2017 A Progress Report

2017 B Progress Report


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