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Projeto Observacional para 2018A - OP2018A-011

Autor: Mikhail A Pogodin
Instituição: OUTRAS RUSSIA

N.G. Beskrovnaya
Natalia Drake
Gabriel A.P. Franco
Eder Martioli
Luciano Fraga
Marcelo Borges Fernandes
Julio Cesar Campagnolo

Título: Search for magnetospheres of Herbig Ae/Be stars by spectroscopic method

Resumo: We propose the spectroscopic method of diagnostic of magnetospheric character of accretion in Herbig Ae/Be stars of different types. It is based on investigation of temporal behaviour of parameters of spectral lines forming close to the accretion region near the stellar surface. If an object has a significant magnetic field, the accretion flow from the disk onto the star can be stopped near the stellar surface and be divided into two separate component: local accretion streams inside a magnetosphere and a wind zone at lower latitudes. The accretion streams contact with the stellar surface forming an inhomogeneity at higher latitudes. If the magnetic axis is inclined to the rotation axis, the rotation of the star has to modulate parameters of spectral lines. Our task is to analyze the behaviour of these variations which has to be of a cyclic character.