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Projeto Observacional para 2017B - OP2017B-006

Autor: Carlos Guerrero
Instituição: ON

Marcelo Borges Fernandes

Título: Speckle interferometry of stars in open clusters

Resumo: It has been proposed that the color dispersion among stars in the CMD of open clusters (OC) along the MS is due to an abundant population of unresolved binaries. This observational bias affects the determination of the stellar parameters in two ways: the luminosity of the primary star is enhanced and the color index of the system becomes redder. These combined effects underestimate the distance and overestimate the age of the clusters. However, studies investigating the stellar multiplicity fraction in OC are very scarce. Using speckle interferometry, we have been observing binary field stars and we have initiated a survey of binary stars and multiple systems in Galactic OC. With this proposal we want to start an observing program, taking advantage of the 1.6 m telescope and one of the available cameras of the LNA. At this point, we have conducted some tests that gave excelent results regarding speckle interferometry at the OPD.