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Projeto Observacional para 2017B - OP2017B-005

Autor: Roberto P. Ortiz
Instituição: IAG

Roberto D.Dias da Costa
Martín Guerrero

Título: Understanding the uv excess in late-type giant stars

Resumo: The stellar evolution is notably affected by the stellar multiplicity. The study of the binary fraction and its effects on stellar evolution after the main sequence (MS) is hindered by the increased luminosity of the post-MS member. The UV excess of late-type giant stars can be used to detect optically hidden MS hot companions, opening a window to investigate these effects. We propose the acquisition of deep spectroscopic observations of a sample of late-type stars to assess the origin of their UV excess, searching for MS companion stars or assigning it to chromospheric activity. Either case, we will gain insights in the evolution of binary (or multiple) systems after the MS of the primary or the coronal activity of late-type giant stars.