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Projeto Observacional para 2017B - OI2017B-001

Autor: Stavros Akras
Instituição: UFRJ

Julio Ramirez-Velez
Daniel Moser Faes
Despina Panoglou
Edgar Ramirez
Natalia Nunez
Marcelo Jaque
Nanouris Nikos

Título: Optical linear polarization of Symbiotic stars

Resumo: Scattering processes in symbiotic stars are expected to hide crucial information about the dynamics of these systems and produce a significant degree of polarization. Up to now, polarimetric data have been obtained only for a few SySts and any conclusion based on this very small sample is questionable. New polarimetric data from a large sample of symbiotic stars may change what we know for these objects and allow us to better understand the geometry, orbital and stellar parameters, dust composition and variability. We thus propose to obtain optical broad-band (U,B,V,R and I) polarimetric data of a large number of SySts trying to cover the ranges of the spectral type of the cool companion, from M to early K, as well as the different types of SySts.