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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OP2017A-031

Autor: Lorenzo Spina
Instituição: IAG

Jhon Galarza
Jorge Melendez-Moreno

Título: Finding New Solar Twins for Planets, Stellar Astrophysics & Galactic Archaeology

Resumo: With the first data release of TGAS (Tycho-Gaia), our group found 217 solar twins candidates through constraints on color and absolute magnitude. We intend to observe the brightest objects (V < 8.5 mag) of this sample in order to infer which ones are effectively solar twin stars. The observations will be performed through the MuSiCoS spectrograph. The identification of new solar twins is extremely important for different applications, such as the study of the rotational evolution of stars (Carlos et al. 2016), the chemical evolution of the Galaxy (Spina et al. 2016ab) or the evolution of planetary systems (Melendez et al. 2016).