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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OP2017A-018

Autor: Matheus Palhares
Instituição: UNIVAP

Alexandre S. de Oliveira
Claudia Vilega Rodrigues
Karleyne M. G. Silva
Isabel Lima
Francisco J. Jablonski
Aysses do Carmo Oliveira

Título: Follow-up of a candidate to magnetic cataclysmic variable

Resumo: This proposal aims to perform polarimetric and photometric observations of the magnetic Cataclysmic Variable (mCV) candidate CSS110225. Previous multi-techinique data, obtained with SOAR in 2012 and with OPD in 2014, have shown that this object has characteristics of a mCV and yielded a period that can be orbital or associated to the white dwarf spin, in case the object is a polar or intermediate polar, respectively. In this project, we propose to use the OPD facilities to perform additional photometric and polarimetric observations in order to consolidate the value and identify the nature of the period, study the high/low brightness levels which are typical of the mCVs and, mainly, use the data as input to the Cyclops modeling code to understand the system's physical and geometrical parameters.