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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OP2017A-001

Autor: Stavros Akras
Instituição: UFRJ

Título: Narrow-band OVI polarimetry as a probe of symbiotic nature

Resumo: The presence of the OVI Raman scattered lines at 6830A and 7082A is one of the main criteria for identifying an object as a symbiotic stars. Around 50-60% of the confirmed symbiotic stars exhibit these lines. The mechanisms that forms these line is the Raman scattering of the O VI 1032, 1038 resonance lines by high dense neutral hydrogen which results in very high degree of polarization from a few per cent up to 10-15 per cent. Preliminary resutls from previous semesters have revealed that these lines can be detected via imaging polarization even from small telescopes. I propose to observe more SySts in order to increase sample.