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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OI2017A-023

Autor: Antônio M. Magalhães
Instituição: IAG

Andrei Berdyugin
Priscilla Frisch
V. Piirola

Título: Very Local Interstellar Magnetic Field: Testing the IBEX Ribbon Value

Resumo: The direction of the interstellar magnetic field ISMF near the Sun is being probed with sensitive measurements of the polarizations of nearby stars. These results are being compared with the ISMF at the heliosphere, the local ISMF of the LoopI magnetic shell, and interstellar magnetic turbulence. We will further map in detail the interstellar field that connects to the ISMF traced by the IBEX energetic neutral atom ribbon, which arises from the magnetically distorted heliosphere. We found evidence for a filament of dust around the heliosphere whose characteristics will be further probed. Some of the results from this project rest partly on 20thC low sensitivity polarization data. The new observations are optimized to achieve the highest sensitivities that are possible with IAGPOL. Data are acquired over 3 intervals to allow measurements near the zenith. This program is augmented by complimentary observations in both hemispheres.