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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OI2017A-008

Autor: Carlos Guerrero
Instituição: ON

Marcelo Borges Fernandes
Raul M Murillo

Título: UBVRI Photometry of southern open clusters

Resumo: Open clusters (OC) are the building blocks of the stellar populations in our Galaxy. Given their wide ranges in distance, metallicity and age, they are good tracers of the star formation history and the chemical and dynamical evolution of the Galactic disk. More than 4000 OC have been cataloged in our Galaxy; however, for almost half of them we can only find a name, approximate coordinates and a rough angular size. For the rest of the clusters, estimations of their distances, ages and metallicities have been done using very different instrumental configurations, reduction procedures and analysis methodologies, therefore, differing systematically from each other. Because of this, and the need to determine these parameters as precisely and accurately as possible, we have initiated a survey in the Northern Hemisphere at the SPM-Observatory in Mexico and with this proposal, we aim to continue our global survey of Southern OC.