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Projeto Observacional para 2017A - OI2017A-003

Autor: C. Eswaraiah
Instituição: Outros

Shih Ping Lai
Fábio P. Santos
Antônio M. Magalhães
Gabriel A.P. Franco

Título: Filament, bipolar bubble versus magnetic fields in RCW57A

Resumo: Bipolar bubbles are believed to form due to an anisotroic expansion of ionization fronts from HII region in filamentary molecular clouds. However, the role of B-fields in the formation bipolar bubbles may also be crucial because B-fields expected to introduce an anisotropic pressure in favor of expansion and propagation of ionization fronts. NIR polarimetry, towards the central region of RCW57A hinted that B-fields might be governing crucial role. However, these observations are confined only to the small central region. We propose to carryout R-band polarimetry using 0.6-m IAG telescope, for the region covering extended loops. Main scientific goals include: to understand the properties of the dust grains, and to probe the B-fields in an extended area covering the bipolar bubble loops and to ascertain whether B-fields guide the ionization fronts or thermal/radiative pressure dictates the morphology of B-fields in RCW57A.