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Projeto Observacional para 2009A - OP2009A-011

Autor: S. Robbe Dubois
Instituição: CÔTE D'AZUR
e-mail: sylvie.Robbe-Dubois@unice.fr

Slobodan Jankov
P. Cruzalebes
Armando Domiciano
D. Mourard
Ph. Stee
F. Vakili
Eduardo Janot-Pacheco
A. Meilland
S. Sacuto
A. Jorissen

Título: Program CAMIV - AMBER/VLTI : Cepheids, Be stars and supergiants

Resumo: This project aims to obtain spectra of specific scientific objects identified as previous and forthcoming targets for AMBER/VLTI, the European near-IR focal beam combiner of the Very Large Telescope Interferometric mode (VLTI), mainly Cepheids, Be stars and Supergiants. The goal is to study the dynamics in the atmosphere of Cepheids, the circumstellar environment of the Be stars, and the surface brightness asymmetries on Supergiants. The needed spectra can be obtained with the detector CAMIV installed on the 1.60m telescope of LNA. The analysis of such spectra provides an opportunity to constrain the observations with the VLTI instruments, as shown in previously published papers where CAMIV data were used. This program is lead through the franco-bresilian PICS (International Project of Scientific Collaboration) started in Jan’06 between IAG and Fizeau, laboratory of University of Nice and of Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, France. The priority of the year 2009 is these observations at LNA for which funds have been preserved. This collaboration allowed the construction of a catalogue of reference spectra (http://fizeau.unice.fr/spectre.php3) dedicted to the community involved in interferometric studies.